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The Diplomacy Cable 04/24/2017

The Diplomacy Cable

With the invention of the telegraph cables in the 19th century, international consulates and embassies began sending shorter encrypted telegrams, using Morse Code. While the messages are now sent electronically, the moniker “cable” stuck and the term is still in use today for shorter, encrypted diplomatic messages.

US and North Korea

It seems the tables have turned for US-North Korean relations. While in the past North Korea’s foreign policy left analysts confused, it now seems that the Trump administration’s mixed signals are causing the present challenge. According to the Guardian, “Pence’s carrot and stick diplomacy is clumsy but significant.”

France’s Presidential Election 2017: Macron vs. Le Pen

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron will face each other in a run-off for the French Presidency next month. Opinion polls have consistently suggested that Macron will win, reports BBC. Regardless of who wins the next round, this election marks a shift in voting for French politics.

Bill Nye “Saves the World”

Next Friday Netflix will be releasing a new series called Bill Nye Saves the World, reports NPR. Nye is a vocal supporter of science and hopes that everyone in the world can benefit by having a scientific view. As Nye often says, “Science is political. It’s always been political, it’s just not partisan.”

“Australian Values”

The Australian government has announced significant changes to its citizenship laws, and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared those seeking citizenship must show “Australian values.” ABC reports those seeking citizenship will be given a tougher citizenship test that will not only assess their commitment to Australia but also their attitudes toward religious freedom and gender equality. There will also be a more challenging English language test.

Canadian River Vanishes

Due to a receding glacier, the Slims River in Canada vanished within four days. The Guardian reports this is the first case of “river piracy” observed, and this occurs when the flow of one river is suddenly diverted to another river. The Slims River spanned up to 150 meters (nearly 500 feet) at its widest points, and this shows how global warming can dramatically change the geography of the earth.




Diplomacy Fast Facts:

What is Moral Diplomacy?

Moral Diplomacy was first proposed US President Woodrow Wilson in his 1912 election. It is a system in which a country only supports other countries with similar beliefs.

Patricia Mace is a second semester graduate student at Seton Hall University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations with a specialization in global negotiation and conflict management. She received her undergraduate degree in History, Japanese, and International Relations from University of Delaware.

Erin Dobbs is a second year graduate student at Seton Hall University. She is pursuing her master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations with specializations in foreign policy analysis and global negotiation and conflict management. She received her undergraduate degree in political science and history from Villanova University.

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