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Restoring Grace to Literature- Kiersten Lynch

Are we a society obsessed with the absence of good, and the constant presence of bad? You could argue that this obsession is not only real, but ingrained in society. It plagues the news, television programs, and movies. It’s on Netflix. It’s written in the fiber of our conversations and the

Present Value to Sanctity- Mario Damasceno & Brendan Finnegan

You’re in college. It is a world of complete uncertainty. You’re away from home, meeting new people every day, learning new intellectual concepts you never knew existed. You now have more independence and more responsibility.  Your decisions as a freshman or sophomore may range from what to eat for lunch

Are We at Peace with Death?- Jennifer Hobeika

We live in a turbulent era of science, innovation, and technology, one that is constantly on the rise for something more. With this perpetual itch of and consistent yearning to understand and grasp the nuances of humankind, we have made vast developments in a kaleidoscope of fields. Among these new

Seeking, Yet Not Finding- Ben Jaros

Many students and faculty come to Seton Hall for different reasons.  Some come here for the Nursing program or the Business school. Others are drawn by the proximity to New York City and all the opportunities that brings with it.  Several come because it was the closest NJ school to

On Work and the Spirit- Anthony Tokarz

Thanks to Seton Hall’s transfer credit policy, I will graduate this Spring after just three years of study. This gives Seton Hall’s role as “a place for the mind, heart, and spirit” a tangible sense of urgency in my life—in just a few months I will leave her nurturing to

Fall 2018 Issue- Note from the Editor

In 1856, this University was founded by Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley as a place devoted to the pursuit of universal knowledge.  In continuity with and considering his correspondence with Blessed John Henry Newman, this University was meant to link the sons and daughters of the Church to the spiritual and