Global-Focused Groups

The Center for Global Education provides information on groups and organizations working with teachers and students to address issues and concerns of a global nature. Please contact the groups directly to see how to get involved, find or develop resources and so on.

Student-initiated Projects

Statewide Organizations

The League of Global Scholars

Teaching The World

NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Kathryn Irwin, Administrator
NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking
W 973-929-3088 | C 973-901-0409

Video highlight of abolitionist showcase:

International Organizations

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of information, procedures and recommendations from the following electronic sources. Demonstrations will include class discussion, blogging, citation in project documents, and collaborative work in google docs and so on.

Teaching About Human Rights

What are human rights: Tools for educators

The curriculum integration project being developing here in NJ for HRE USA. To navigate there from the main page of the HRE USA website, click on “Publications”, then “Curriculum Integration Guide.”

The section of the curriculum integration guide entitled “About This Guide” has a brief introduction to the project. Now in Phase Two, the project is reviewing new lessons that should be ready for mounting in winter 2017.

Practical activities — Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Free pdf from the Council of Chief State School Officers provides rationale, background, and framework for building global competency etc.

International Organizations

Human Rights USA

Human Rights NJ

Half The Sky

United Nations