About Us


The Center for Global Education is housed in the College of Education and Human Services. The Center’s mission is to advance knowledge of global issues and develop the skills and understanding essential for success in the emerging global arena. Our audience includes university students (particularly teacher education candidates), high school teachers and their students throughout the region, as well as teachers and students around the globe. The Center is actively engaged in working with middle, high school and university level programs and projects.


The Center’s goal is to prepare teacher education candidates and current teachers to tackle the challenges associated with global education in their classrooms. Center programs focus on research and collaboration with scholars at the University and beyond. Such collaborations are the basis for the development of educational materials that are shared through professional development programs offered by the Center. Believing that learning is a social process, we recognize that all learners need opportunities to discuss, critique, analyze and reflect in the context of a community. The Center provides numerous opportunities for such exchanges. Whether working in a college classroom, with high school faculty and students, or using the technological tools of our project, such as video conferencing, participants connect with communities that exist across national borders in order to extend their own skills and understanding of the world.

Major Focus

  • Engage participants in all aspects of their learning and in the creation of knowledge and strategies to enhance global education.
  • Share knowledge and skills among teacher education candidates and educators, as well as secondary students at universities in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Use a variety of instructional strategies on topics of global importance to gain an understanding of issues from diverse international perspectives.
  • Bring students and educators together with experts on current global issues.

Our Staff

The Center for Global Education is co-directed by Maribel Roman, Greer Burroughs, James Daly. To reach any staff member, please use the contact form.