DULCE Meeting 9/20/19

DULCE Meeting

Notetakers: Peter Eggerding & Daniela Marquera Sardon

Facilitator: Mark McGuire

  • Mark introduces everyone in attendance and gives the floor to Dean Smith for an introductory speech
  • Dean Smith talks about the importance of activism and engagement in conversation throughout the Diplomacy School.
  • The DULCE Leadership Team then introduce themselves and share their interests
  • Dean Sanjamino opens the floor to the freshman and everyone shares a little about who they are and why they are interested in Diplomacy as well as their interests
  • Mark then discusses the Leadership Team and their goal for DULCE to serve as an “incubator of ideas” focused on actualizing the ideas brought up in meetings by students through programs, initiatives, and improvements to the School of Diplomacy
  • Mark introduces the first topic proposed by the Leadership Team about Student Ambassadors – to add a mentorship component to the program to create a resource for underclassmen to connect with leaders who possess the same interests
    1. This would also help the Deans connect freshmen with students of similar interests to assist in the search for clubs and activities on campus bridging the gap between underclassmen and upperclassmen.
    2. Other ideas like teachers’ involvement in plugging Diplomacy events and filling McQuaid Hall when it is open are discussed. Office hours for Student Ambassadors who would be able to meet with students in an advisory role are broached. Dean Sanjamino offers to provide the Leadership Team with a list of junior ambassadors for the proposed project as well as voices the idea to host a Diplomacy Social Hour weekly in the Diplomacy Room for cross-class socialization.
  • The Leadership Team introduces the second topic regarding the alumni association and a large diplomacy specific career fair event as well as a series of smaller career events
    1. Out of this conversation many students brought up the struggles of international students at the career fair as many of the opportunities are for government jobs for which they are ineligible
    2. A separate career fair focused solely on the Diplomacy School was proposed to connect students with opportunities for them
    3. Students voice their desire for a wide variety of options at the fair. Formats are discussed regarding speed-dating style, one-on-one meetings, and skype calls.
  • The Leadership Team presents the third topic and everyone discusses who they would like to come as speakers for the Diplomacy School. Each student goes around and says who they would like to come to campus ranging from government officials to nonprofit organization personnel to the Secretary General of the U.N.
  • The floor is opened to general comments and the idea of a social hour in the Diplomacy Room is addressed as students and Dean Smith enjoy the idea of always having events in McQuaid to increase transparency and interaction between students and Deans.
  • The Leadership Team commits to moving forward with the three proposed initiatives in coordination with the Diplomacy Administration

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