DULCE Meeting 11/19/19

Facilitators: Mark McGuire and Alyssa Futa

Notetaker: Peter Eggerding

Meeting Notes 11/19 Diplomacy Town Hall

  • Introductions from SGA and DULCE who co-sponsored the event
  • Dean Smith spoke about the Strategic Planning Committee as a tree and that the Diplomacy School was able to place ornaments on the tree when the tree is defined and given to the Diplomacy School
  • Many people spoke about the Strategic Planning Survey for a chance to get a $25 gift card.
  • The floor was opened to everyone.
  • Stephan and Alyssa spoke about the Strategic Planning Committee and the meetings that had already been held. The goal is to change the guidance of our University for the next 5 years.
  • Involvement was discussed and the importance of showing up and being a part of our university’s future.
  • Alyssa talked about how the Town Hall is such an important idea for the Diplomacy School as the students are not just talked to but get real input.
  • The Diplomacy career fair was discussed that was developed early this semester in our first town hall. We went over the plans for the future including a speed dating round next semester with Diplomacy School alumni.
  • Younger talked about how career fairs were good but not optimal and how more intimate settings like speed dating are much better for professional development and internships.
  • A job board and using college central were both discussed as well as other means for professional development. Dr. Ruby talked about how she has brochures for different programs and internships on her desk.
  • A student asked about private sector jobs and Mr. Younger talked about the workshop that he hosted and that there were lots of opportunities for students to look out for.
  • Younger discussed breaking down job opportunities by sector and category in the emails that Dr. Ruby sends out.
  • A student asked about a workshop on using USAjob.gov and FBIjobs.gov.
  • The topic shifted to Strategic planning again and how filling out what the students think about how the school is utilizing and creating actionable goals. What is needed and what is the school’s identity?
  • Julia discussed better planning for the 4/5/6 year programs and online audit sheets that are digitalized.
  • Dean Smith discussed how difficult it is to work on these issues but that students should look into it through DULCE.
  • The question was posed on the rigor of the school and how difficult Diplomacy classes are.
  • Dean Smith talked about reaching out through course evals and to himself and Dr. Edwards if there are immediate issues.
  • Oral Communications as a prerequisite was discussed with a majority agreeing that it probably should not be added back as there were enough credits as is and there are elective credits if someone is interested in the class.
  • Students brought up specific clubs that can also help with public speaking.
  • A student asked about a training to discuss how students should have conversations on controversial topics such as race. This was discussed at length and the DULCE sessions last year on Concerned 44 were referenced and this could be something to work on again in the future.
  • Students brought up a lack of assessment of teachers, aversion to grades being only a final and a few reading quizzes, and also the reading course load as being too great.
  • Furthermore, some students were upset that there were freeloaders that did not read in classes and were not punished in their GPA as they could just cram or share notes or something like that.
  • Dean Smith discussed the changes to teaching staff this year, without giving any names or specific circumstances, and how the course evals and conversations with him and Dr. Edwards really do lead towards positive change if there is a true issue.
  • He also discussed making sure to fill out specific and constructive course evals that did not just say “I liked this class” as there is sometimes some dissidence between course evaluations and real live for this reason.
  • Dean Smith also discussed anonymity and the no retaliation policy at Seton Hall.
  • A few students brought up a lack of communication on these issues and how these things should be conveyed better especially to freshman.
  • DULCE’s actionable goals are to articulate course evals, work on systemic and encouraged feedback, and to chat with Dean Smith, Dr. Edwards, and the leadership team to discuss what students think about specific classes and how to work with students to make them comfortable and available to come for

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