DULCE Meeting 9/28/18

DULCE 9.28.2018

Meeting Minutes

By Mark McGuire


Dean Bartoli

  • Welcome and Greeting
  • Speaks about the need for diplomacy to always be on the move and the need to adapt
  • Discusses the fact that often great things start in a moment of uneasiness and uncertainty
  • Expounds on the frequency of dissonance and the tendency in modernity to speak but not to listen, describing the need for spaces dedicated to active listening
  • Emphasizing the benefit of uniqueness and of DULCE in particular to pioneer a new time of multi-stakeholderism that is uncommon, yet profound; intimate and yet expansive
  • Asks Senator Futa to share subject of previous meeting with group


Diplomacy Senator Alyssa Futa

  • Provides overview of GAAMAC Working Group Meeting
    • Discusses the mission of GAAMAC in the context of genocide prevention
    • Outlines group goals and student commitment to engaging in genocide prevention efforts through document translation, mapping, and news gathering


Student Facilitator Mark McGuire

  • Outlines DULCE 2018-2019 Agenda and Goals
    • Discusses efforts to expand leadership positions within DULCE through the creation of assistant facilitator roles and secretaries for note taking
    • Expresses desire to launch mentorship program by the end of 2018 to connect freshmen with upperclassmen to increase resources available to new diplomacy students
    • Underlines the creation of a GAAMAC working group within the diplomacy school; encourages students to join group if they are interested in genocide prevention efforts
    • Provides overview of Student Life diversity initiatives on campus and encourages students to contribute to these efforts as club liaisons on behalf of the School of Diplomacy to promote campus inclusion
    • Outlines preliminary update on a potential partnership being explored between DULCE and Concordia that would allow students to gain experience in the NGO field while benefiting Concordia’s mission


Diplomacy Senator Jacob Abel


  • Shares experience at Concordia Summit featuring high profile guests and heads of state from across the world
  • Encourages students to attend SGA Town Hall on 10/3 from 5 – 7 in Chancellor’s Suite to address any concerns or questions they may have to their student government representatives


Emanuel Hernandez


  • Provides additional details about the GAAMAC Working Group’s efforts and encourages participation from student body


Cristian Miranda

  • Discusses the Diplomacy Writing Team and their efforts to produce interesting and relevant material and how quickly the organization has burgeoned


Eva Rian

  • Shares experience as a part of the Global Current, including at the Concordia Summit, interviewing Mr. Grignon, Mr. Honwana, and Ambassador Adam
  • Global Current will be recording on Thursday and always welcomes new students who are interested in joining the program

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