DULCE Meeting 2/16/18

DULCE 2.16.2017

Meeting Minutes

By Mark McGuire

  • Dean Bartoli – “Today we are starting a revolution”
  • Dean Bartoli – asks those in attendance to define ‘revolution’ in terms of what immediately comes to mind
  • Revolutions are movements toward significant change that are done for the good of all
  • Seton Hall University is in the midst of an “ecological revolution”
  • Green Team is moving forward with new efforts to promote environmental responsibility
  • Dean Bartoli and Senator Abel – working with Violet on the Free Food Process to save food from going to waste
  • Dean Bartoli – “Integration itself is revolutionary”
  • As such, DULCE is a revolution in terms of systems that alters established power dynamics
  • Every person has proven to enact change and DUCLE is the ideal forum from which to drive change
  • Dean Bartoli passes around sheets of paper for attendees to write aspects of the School of Diplomacy that can be improved over the next 20 years
  • These ideas are re-distributed to other members and are either endorsed or not endorsed
  • Participants were then asked to provide practical solutions to the endorsed ideas and email them to the dean
  • Dean Bartoli spoke about the need to be innovating to better the value of School of Diplomacy degrees
  • Mark McGuire – DULCE will host Mr. Grignon from the UN DPKO at 4:30-6:00 on February 21 in the Diplomacy Room
  • Patricia – suggests allowing questions to be submitted online ahead of time
  • Mark McGuire – over 45 students have signed up to participate in the GAAMAC initiative and 15 students have signed up to participate in the Mentorship Program
  • Dean Bartoli – we need to discuss with students and professors whether students should have the ability to discuss and possibly alter diplomacy course syllabi at the beginning of the semester
  • The idea is beginning thrown around to host an open mic night for the university once a month following the success of the faculty talent show
  • School of Diplomacy considering instituting an annual Ambassador Day every February
  • Senator Abel – SGA Town Hall occurring Monday 2/19 at 5:00-6:00 in the Chancellor’s Suite
  • Portuguese Language and Culture Club is hosting a “Taste of Portugal” event on Tuesday 2/20 in the Fahy Screening Room starting at 7:45
  • An interest meeting will be hosted on 2/28 for those interested in helping plan a week of activities centering on human trafficking that will occur in April; Email Dean Halpin if interested
  • Journal of Diplomacy – Campaign on Human Rights; Use hashtags to promote human rights this month on social media
  • Ambassador Pickering will speak on 2/27 on the UN-US relationship at 5:30 in the Diplomacy Room
  • On 3/13 Marisela Rivera will speak about an opportunity for graduate student to earn scholarship money from 3:00 to 4:00
  • Commission of Status on Women at UN will be hosted on 3/16; more details to follow
  • DULCE’s April meeting will be dedicated to the subject of race
  • DULCE will have its second town hall on 3/16 at 4:30 in the Diplomacy Room
  • The town hall will touch on the diplomacy school’s plan for the next 20 years
  • A flyer will be designed to promote the town hall and the liaison program will be used as well to spread the word about the event
  • The DULCE Blog has been updated to reflect the current list of student liaisons

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