DULCE Meeting 1/26/18

DULCE 1.26.2017

Meeting Minutes

By Mark McGuire

  • Dean Bartoli – Performing a comedic monologue for the Faculty Talent Show Night hosted from 6 – 9 pm on February 15 in the Cove
  • DULCE – experiment in systems that drive advancement and development
  • The Green Team – Senator Abel and Dean Bartoli are working to further President Meehan’s call to action in light of the challenge of climate change
  • Seton Hall = 12,000 member human system
  • President Meehan – spoke with Dean Bartoli to discuss the Green Team
  • Dean Bartoli – organizations are best systems when they provide members with the incentive to take the initiative for themselves without being run from the top down all the time
  • Partricia and Dean Bartoli founded writing team as persons who did not speak English well
  • Dean Bartoli – DULCE and School of Diplomacy should be a product of the personal and collective longings, interests, and skills of the students, faculty, and administration
  • The document outlining the next 20 years of the School of Diplomacy is being crafted – student input is highly encouraged
  • Francois Grignon – member of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations will be hosted on campus 2/21 from 4 – 6 pm
  • Ambassador Pickering – will be giving a talk on US-UN relations on 2/27 at 5:30 in the Chancellor’s Suite
  • Accolades – highlights on student achievements; need students to email their or other friends’ achievements to Dr. Ruby
  • GAAMAC – state led initiative that attempts to promote genocide prevention
  • Seton Hall is connected with GAAMAC with Dean Bartoli offering to host a research group that can do work on human rights and atrocity prevention; the opportunity in question will be emailed out
  • DULCE – GDC – Cocktail Networking Night for undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni will be combined with an event being planned by Dr. Ruby and Dr. Younger as one event
  • DULCE decides to launch a 4 year mentor program to launch next semester
  • Dean Bartoli – states that E-News needs to be re-conceived if the school is to reach more diplo students
  • Flyers to be placed around in order to promote mentoring signup
  • Liaison Initiative must be used collaboratively to promote Student Events Calendar
  • Patricia – Journal of Diplomacy – monthly subject – Conflicts in a Changing World; If interested in writing a piece on Africa email the JoD at journalofdiplomacy@gmail.com
  • GDC Event for February will be Chinese New Year themed – all are invited to attend
  • Green Team – will host an event to create 1,000 origami cranes with paper
  • Father Picardal – will speak on extrajudicial killings in the Philippines and the Catholic response in the Chancellor’s Suite on 2/5 at 12:00 pm
  • Ambassador Nancy Powell – will speak on careers in the Foreign Service on 2/15 in the Diplomacy Room from 12 – 1 pm
  • This year’s hooding will occur at the UN for graduating diplomacy students
  • Natalie Sherman – looking to start Portuguese Club; Email if interested

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