DULCE Meeting 12/8/17

Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE)

Meeting Minutes

By Mark McGuire

  • Welcome and Greeting
  • Spoke about the need to highlight student accolades
  • Ruby works to compile list of accolades but needs more submissions
  • Idea of utilizing a text system for admin-student communication is broached
  • Potential for holding a pro-activity workshop is addressed
  • Dean Bartoli speaks of need to train others on the importance of RSVPs and pro-activeness
  • UDSA Mentoring is pitched
  • Each potential mentee needs a mentor well suited to meet him/her
  • Dean Bartoli emphasizes the need to promote a system that embodies respect, proactivity, and professionalism
  • Dean also touches upon the need to have occasional intentional interruption of systems and provides an example based on his experience at Seton Hall
  • GAAMAC – an idea for how to link this organization to the School of Diplomacy is explored
  • The attendees agree to pursue GAAMAC-School of Diplomacy cooperation further
  • Mark M. brings up idea to work with Gwen D. to promote access to a diplomacy events calendar or portal to be finished by the end of next semester
  • GDC event hosted every month
  • GDC December Event – Michelle Perez’s house
  • Service Opportunity through GDC at St. Peter’s Kitchen is discussed
  • Idea for the Global Current to Interview the UN Officials that are being actively sought out is agreed upon
  • Global Current is looking for new e-board members
  • Global Current can be promoted on SoundCloud and Apple to general student body

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