DULCE Meeting 11/17/17

Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE) – Town Hall

November 17, 2017

Facilitator: Mark McGuire


Diplomacy Senators Abel and Vallejo

  • Discussed online submission of student concerns
  • Described campaign promises made and kept, including attending DULCE meetings
  • Put forth opportunity for students to “DM” concerns to joint Instagram account
  • Spoke on efforts to address concerns regarding scheduling conflicts between language courses and diplomacy courses
  • Meeting scheduled with the deans of Arts and Sciences, Diplomacy and Stillman Schools to address conflicts of schedule

Dean Smith

  • Addressed concern about requirements needed for modern language major
  • Implored students to double check with diplomacy advisors and language department to ensure compliance with requirements

Eva Rian

  • Offers the idea of having mandatory SGA training for senators to ensure they can direct students to proper resources

Noelle Sorich

  • Students can access their class’ particular catalogue through U-Life documents using Blackboard to check requirements

Caroline Hall

  • Would it be possible to feature diplomacy related organizations at open house and orientation

Mark McGuire

  • Liaison Initiative Ambassadors would be good fit to represent organizations at open house and orientation

Senator Abel

  • Board of Regents member spoke with him and Mark M. about why more people do not attend big university events
  • Takes informal poll of those present addressing what the best method of communication is to get information to students

Dean Smith

  • Asks Mark if he can gauge diplomacy students’ opinions regarding most effective means of communication

Mark McGuire

  • Agrees to conduct a survey of students regarding their preferred means of communication

General Comments on Communication

  • Communicate information across schools through SGA
  • Peer Advisors to promote events ( Senator Vallejo )
  • DULCE – has role in promoting diplo events
  • Flyers
  • RSVPs are important and need to be taken seriously in professional environments
  • No show RSVPs are unacceptable and unprofessional and hurt everyone
  • Remind 101 may be effective system
  • Possible extra credit opportunities could be offered as incentive
  • Food or point system with reward i.e. dinner with dean as incentive to participate
  • Point System – Diplomacy equivalent of SHIPS for athletics
  • HW for DULCE members – what incentives promote attendance for the “right reasons”

Honor Society – Sigma Iota Rho

  • Suggestion to make attendance at a certain number of diplomacy events mandatory requirement
  • Suggestion to make mentoring a mandatory requirement

Mark McGuire

  • UDSA may be better suited to mentor undergraduate students

Patricia Graca

  • Invited all to Friendsgiving at Graduate Diplomacy House from 5:00 – 10:00 on 11/19

Mark McGuire

  • Thanks Senator Abel, Senator Vallejo, and Dean Smith for participation in town hall
  • Updated students on joint efforts with Mr. Honwana to host UN DPA officials
  • Shared results of DPA interest poll
    • 1st place – Peacebuilding
    • 2nd place – Peacekeeping
    • 3rd place – African election monitoring
  • DULCE – GDC effort to host cocktail night with alumni as career and networking event
  • Promotes Kosovo Ambassador and UN General Assembly President events on 11/29 and 12/1

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