DULCE Meeting 10/27/17

DULCE 10.27.2017
Meeting Minutes
By Mark McGuire

Dean Bartoli
• Welcome and Greeting
• Spoke about the importance of 20 Year Anniversary

Initiative Updates (Mark McGuire)
• 1/3 of Liaison Positions have been filled
• Looking for students interested in web design to help with logo

Mark McGuire & Michelle Perez
• GDC and DULCE working to host cocktail event featuring diplomacy students – undergraduate, graduate, and graduates
• Gwen introduces idea to work with the administration on effort

Michelle Perez
• Invited students to the GDC International Dinner “Mexico” with profits going to Puerto Rico to assist locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Mark McGuire
• Visiting Chair Honwana offered to bring UN officials from the Department of Political Affairs
• Three specific suggestions were conveyed to DULCE
o African Election Monitors
o Peacekeeping Personnel
o Peacebuilding Officials
• An informal poll was taken showing a preference for peacekeepers
• Mark agreed to send out a poll to the whole DULCE email list to gauge a wider sample of student preferences after which he will coordinate with Visiting Chair Honwana on planning the event(s)

o Shortage of diplomacy student tutors in the ARC addressed; Sigma Iota Rho members will attempt to fill the vacancies to assist students
o UDSA announces they have collected $1300 toward its $3000 goal as part of its Rise Against Hunger campaign which will take place officially in April
o UDSA-UNA – Human Rights Month Event will be hosted on Nov 7 at 8:00 in the Jubilee Auditorium. Tickets available on Eventbrite
o Increased desire to highlight student achievements more overtly. Ideas introduced to have Dr. Ruby coordinate these efforts through DULCE and the Global Current
o Dr. Goldfrank expressed a desire for students to come to his office hours to offer feedback, positive or negative, on aspects of the School of Diplomacy
o Reminder presented to nominate Diplomacy professor as Teacher of the Year
o SHUNA Bake Sale announced on Oct. 28 at South Orange CVS
o Flashlight Collection for Puerto Rico ending Oct. 31
o Idea introduced to provide means for School of Diplomacy to stay in touch with “Graduates of Last Decade – G.O.L.D.”
o Dean Bartoli expressed desire to explore Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (G.A.A.M.A.C.) state-led initiative at next meeting

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