DULCE Meeting 3/23/18

DULCE 3.23.2018

Town Hall – Meeting Minutes

By Mark McGuire

  • Dean Bartoli speaks on the need for regularity and dependability in the School of Diplomacy and the need to apply what we’ve learned over the past 20 years to better shape the next 20 for the school
  • Dean Bartoli notes that the number of graduate inquiries have gone from the low hundreds to the thousands and will likely keep increasing
  • Senator Abel – elections for SGA will be held on March 27-28; notes that he and Alyssa Futa are running unopposed for the Diplomacy Senator positions in SGA
  • Goldfrank – talks about his ongoing effort in collaboration with other school constituencies to get feedback on the language programs on campus and how to improve them
  • Dean Bartoli – stresses need to maintain good relations with other schools and programs
  • Michelle Perez – GDC planning an International Affair for students, details to follow
  • Emanuel Hernandez – efforts being made on behalf of international students, Director of O.I.P. so far has not responded to inquiries
  • Goldfrank – offers to raise issue of non-responsiveness to Director Bouzas at next possible opportunity during meeting about study abroad programs
  • Dean Smith – references efforts by School of Diplomacy to diversify the international presence of the faculty, including members from Switzerland, Ghana, Cyprus, China, etc.
  • Dean Bartoli – notes in a speaking queue a “2 finger” is when one wishes to respond directly to a point immediately following a statement instead of entering the overall queue
  • Concerns raised about studying abroad and about programs in Turkey credit transfer
  • Dean Smith addresses said study abroad credit transfers; refers student to diplomacy advisor to better assess the specific situation in question
  • Open Advising Hours for Diplomacy Advisors – 3/26 and 3/27 – 10 am -12 pm; 2 pm -4 pm
  • Patricia Zanini – conveys desire to increase scholarships for more student abroad opportunities
  • Dean Smith – responds stating that if school receives additional funding such scholarships would be looked at in review of how to best allocate funds
  • Mark McGuire – states that at Dean Bartoli’s request DULCE’s April meeting will center on the topic of race; requests student suggestions
  • Suggestions include: discussing the linguistics of how to talk about race in a diverse group, power structures, implicit bias, showing a documentary, dropping the topic entirely, requiring participants to view a film before attending, providing students an opportunity to share instances where they felt they, or others they know, were discriminated against
  • Mark McGuire – will confer given these suggestions with Director Younger, Michelle Perez, Courtney Smith, and Dean Bartoli for how to achieve the most success at April’s meeting

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