The Feeding Project

The Feeding Project has been comprised of several studies, including the Bite and Chew study, the Parent Stress study, and the Stimulability of Feeding Behaviors study.

AIM of the Bite and Chew study: We are interested in studying the developmental process of biting and chewing a variety foods by children ages 6 months through 30 months. We view this as a functional study of children’s eating development. The task, coding and analysis are developed to translate into data that clinician’s can one day use in assessment and intervention. We intend to submit the these data for peer review. Pilot data have been presented at conferences. We are in the analysis and writing phase of this work.

Tarrytown, New York


If you are interested in participating in this study or have any questions, please click on the link below for more information:



The AIM of the Parent Stress study: We examined whether or not a caregiver’s stress was observable during a child’s initial evaluation of swallowing and feeding with a speech-language pathologist.

This study concluded data coding, analysis and presentation at conferences (NJ Speech and Hearing Association, and ASHA 2016 in Philadelphia)!