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Board Certified Specialization -Child Language & Language Disorders

Dr. Capone Singleton has been recognized by the American Board of Child Language and Language Disorders as a Specialist in Child Language and Language Disorders.



Mandarin Gesture Project

Our 5 undergraduate researchers in the lab are now funded by the Undergraduate Research Program Grant ! Congratulations Tina, Claudia, Isabella, Sarah, & Daisy!!

Mandarin Chinese is the 3rd most common language spoken in New Jersey (after English and Spanish). This mirrors the US as a whole. An integral part of communication is using our hands to gesture but this is based on data gathered largely from Western cultures. The lab is tracking gestures in preschoolers toward school-readiness (3- years, 4-years, 5-years and 6-years). This research is fully supported by the 5 undergraduate researchers. What Dr. Capone enjoys most about working with this group of researchers is that they cross-disciplines. These women are majors in Education, Psychology and SocioBehavioral Sciences.
The Developmental Language and Cognition Lab believes the best clinical practice for children with impairments has a foothold in solid knowledge of typical processes. This is particularly important when we assess children from other cultures. We hope these developmental data will ultimately be useful to clinicians and educators who work with Mandarin-speaking families. We need to understand what families are saying and that needs to be through their cultural and language lens, not a Western cultural lens of gesture development.

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All members of the DL&C lab and The Feeding Project must complete the training certificate  on protection of Human Subjects (https://phrptraining.com/?#!/)




We have a new publication SPRING 2020:

Capone Singleton & Anderson (2020). Making Shape Explicit for Toddlers with Late Language Emergence. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

(email: nina.capone@shu.edu for a print)


Acknowledgment in the community:

Jessica SRCLD 2015

Alum and Clinical Fellows (SLP) Melody Bush, Stef Buck, Mychelle Maldonado along with previous lab member Danielle Kaufman, and Dr. Capone Singleton will present updated BITE & CHEW research in 2021 to the state of NY SLPs at their convention at NYSSLHA .