Digital Humanities Summer Seminar


May 23, 24, and 25
1:00- 4:00 p.m.
ITV Room, Walsh Library

The DH Summer Seminar is an opportunity to learn about the latest digital tools and techniques for teaching and research. The first two days will feature presentations on such tools as Raspberry Pi, Hypothesis, and Meaning Cloud. The third day will be a time for hands-on practice with the support of a TLTC instructional designer.

DH Seed Grants

Seed grants of $500 will be available by application for faculty interested in exploring the use of digital tools in their teaching and/or research.

In order to apply for a summer 2017 DH Seed Grant, applicants are expected to attend one of the two presentation days (5/23, 5/24) and the hands-on day (5/25).

Lunch will be provided each day.

Day 1 – Tuesday, May 23
Speaker(s) Time
Digital Humanities Sandbox
(View GALE content in new ways)
Veronica Armour 1:00
Raspberry Pi
(Affordable computer you can learn to program)
Veronica Armour 1:30
(Annotation and research management tool)
Tom McGee 2:00
Review Tools with Presenters 2:30-4:00
Day 2 – Wednesday, May 24
Speaker(s) Time
Interactive Fiction Veronica Armour 1:00
MeaningCloud   (Text Mining) Tom McGee 1:30
Data Visualization tools
Power Map (Excel), Tableau, Datawrapper
Katie Wissel, Lisa DeLuca 2:00
Teaching R to undergrads Terrence Teo 2:30
Review Tools with Presenters 3:00-4:00
Day 3 – Thursday, May 25
Speaker(s) Time
TLTC Consultations 1:00-4:00