To work with the original version of VisualEyes, start by creating an account, and then building a project. The tutorial for building a basic map and timeline from scratch is available here. Other resources, including full documentation, is on the web site.

VisualEyes5 is an HTML5-based version of the tool, which you build up from csv files. To start working, just go to the main project page.

gearLook for the gear icon to the bottom right of the main panel. Click on it to get the menu of choices.
settingsPop open the “Options” button to see some choices. Choose “Load” to open an existing project to see what they’ve created. You can also launch your own by picking the “Introducing Visual Eyes 5” project and saving it. Enter your email and set a password to get started. Reference material for DigitalEyes5 is available by clicking the “?” icon or just going to the link.