CCI Clinical Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Assessment

Welcome to your O&C CCI Clinical Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Assessment

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At what point in Clinical Practice 2 is the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI) administered?

The overall rating of Advanced Proficient may be used:

A rating of Emergent may be used:

A Clinical Placement Alert Form should be filled when:

The purpose of the midterm/midpoint post evaluation conference is to:

In order to pass Clinical Practice and be recommended for certification, a clinical intern must earn:

The following behavior would best meet the criteria for Standard 10: Leadership & Collaboration:

Important underlying principle(s) in Standard 9: Professional Learning & Ethical Practice is/are:

The CCI consists of the following rating scale:

The “Not Observed” rating:

The clinical intern can incorporate multicultural content into a lesson by:

If the clinical intern does not have English language learners (ELLs) in their own classroom, they can:

Conferences with the clinical intern are:

If the clinical supervisor does not observe certain competencies/indicators during a lesson, the intern may:

The CCI aligns with the following standards and/or frameworks:

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