Vengeful Chicago Bears Coach Heartley “Hunk” Anderson has handpicked an all-star team to compete against the Washington Redskins, who recently defeated Anderson’s Bears in the NFL Championship, for a good cause. The game takes place tomorrow at Shibe Park in Philadelphia. All proceeds will be donated to the United Seamen’s Service. It is expected that over 30,000 people will attend the event and revenue is expected to reach $100,000 with the help of an elaborate souvenir program.

The United Seamen’s Service is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the welfare of all military and civilian personnel that play a role in the U.S. marine industry. All donations will be sent to the USS, which is often overshadowed by larger organizations such as the USO and the Red Cross. Players and coaches have donated their time to raise awareness about the USS and the Merchant Marine.

At halftime, 100 U.S. Navy sailors will march onto the field while 500 cadets from the Maritime Training School in Brooklyn will be sworn in. Both the Redskins’ and Philadelphia Eagles’ bands will play. Finally, actress Madeleine Caroll and musician Al Jolson will auction off the game ball to the highest bidder of war bonds. Caroll is known for her frequent volunteer efforts and donations, including opening her chateau outside of Paris for orphans of the war. Jolson has also contributed significantly to the war effort; he was the first star to entertain troops overseas after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Shibe Park in Philadelphia, scene of the charity football showdown.

The Redskins arrived in Philadelphia on December 22, five days prior to their matchup with the All-Stars. Both teams prepared for tomorrow’s game with seemingly light workouts today, running through some simple drills. At the Lighthouse Boys’ Club, the All-Stars practiced in the morning while the Redskins ran their drills in the afternoon. All-Stars coach “Hunk” Anderson is confident about his team’s chances. “We’re not passing up Christmas at home just to take a beating,” he said. “We’ll give them all we’ve got.” Anderson explained his lineup is chosen on a first come, first served basis. He will decide his starting lineup as each player arrives in Philadelphia. Star players include Cecil Isbell (Green Bay Packers), Sid Luckman (Chicago Bears), Bulldog Turner (Bears) and Al Blozis (New York Giants). These players are sacrificing spending the holidays with their families by donating their time to this game.

Anderson has said he will not be using his typical “T” formation for this game, but rather, a more versatile attack. The wing back is a versatile player that can play several roles during the game, such as blocker, receiver, or runner of reverses. Anderson plans to retaliate after his Chicago Bears were defeated 14-6 by the Redskins in the NFL Championship game in Washington D.C., on December 13. Redskins’ strong defensive guard and linebacker, Steve Slivinski, suffered from severe facial injuries and a broken nose at the NFL Championship game. A special mask has been designed so he can participate in the All-Star game despite doctor’s orders. He is determined to be a part of a game that is helping raise money for an important cause.

Both teams have been informed that famed Redskins quarterback “Slingin’” Sammy Baugh of Texas has caught the flu and will not be present at the game. Redskins’ general manager Jack Espey coordinated with local Texas police to escort Baugh to Philadelphia but he refused to take the journey. The Redskins will suffer without Baugh.

While the players prepare, Philadelphia is readying for the crowd of roughly 30,000 people in the dead of winter. This all-star game does not have a structured committee behind it, like the Rose Bowl game held every year in Pasadena, Calif., thus, it proposes a few more challenges for the organizers and community involved. This lack of structure is a major problem in terms of organizing and making the event run smoothly, but another challenge is the late winter weather that fans will be facing if they attend the event.



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