The Diplomatic Envoy adheres to a writing style agreed upon by the editorial board to maintain consistency throughout the publication. The following references will be useful for editors, writers, and anyone who wishes to contribute to the Envoy:

  • Associated Press Stylebook – the U.S. newspaper industry standard. Must-read for writers assigned to the International News and School of Diplomacy News sections. A copy of the full stylebook is available in the Envoy office.


  • Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style – a guide for writers assigned to the Focus, Opinion, Foreign, Faculty, or Alumni sections. Also useful for academic papers. A copy of the booklet is available in the Envoy office.


  • Envoy Writing and Style Guide 2020 and the Envoy Staff Manual – our own summary of AP Style, Strunk & White, and the Seton Hall University Style Guide, with School of Diplomacy-specialized definitions. A copy of the writing guide is available in the Envoy office.



When in doubt, contact an editor at

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