A “Mind-Boggling” First Step for Musk & Neuralink

In a groundbreaking leap toward the future, Elon Musk’s Neuralink has ventured into uncharted territory by implementing its revolutionary technology in the first human volunteer. As the boundaries between science fiction and reality blur, the question on everyone’s mind echoes through the corridors of innovation: Is the future already upon us, and what profound implications does this frontier hold for the collective human experience?

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Netflix Stock Rallies After Company Hits Quarter Three Earnings Report

Netflix’s third quarter earnings release surprisingly surpassed its earnings expectations as it brought in $7.93 billion in revenue versus the $7.85 billion expected revenue. It crushed its net subscriber addition expectations as it brought in 2.41 million when it was only expected to add one million. The positive news caused the stock to rally after hours on October 18th as the stock gained 15%.

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