Silicon Wadi: Inside Israel’s Rapidly Expanding Tech Sector

When we think of the centers for this technological advancement, stereotypically a place like Silicon Valley or Boston in the US, London in the UK, or Beijing in China comes to mind. But, perhaps a market that goes underrated as a technological hub, though rapidly expanding in its influence, is Israel.

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Implications of Chip Shortages

As technology becomes increasingly integrated within our everyday products, demand for semiconductors has outpaced supply, and this constraint has worsened under COVID-19. Semiconductors, or “chips,” are typically made of silicon and conduct electricity in products, such as computers, smartphones, automobiles, medical equipment, and kitchen appliances.

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The Potential of Quantum Computing

Many scientists and key researchers hypothesize that quantum computing could unlock a new level of computing capabilities. Far out pacing and outperforming their classical counterparts, able to calculate faster, as well as create simulations that current computers simply could not. This all sounds fantastic, but it does beg the question: What is quantum computing?

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