The Challenges of a Crowded Streaming Market

As streaming platforms grow in popularity, brands and platforms are attempting to differentiate and stay relevant to attract subscribers who are willing to hold a growing number of subscriptions. Although video streaming—specifically that of television—has existed since the late 1990’s it only truly came into wider public use in 2007 when Netflix unveiled its “Watch Now” feature. It changed the long stagnant home entertainment market forever, giving its subscribers the ability to get the shows and movies they loved on demand from practically anywhere.

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McDonald’s Aims for International Star Power

On May 26th McDonald’s is releasing their latest celebrity meal, and this time they are teaming up with international pop sensation BTS. The Korean Pop group has been climbing all sorts of charts all over the world and has teamed up with the Golden Arches to share their usual order. The fast-food giant has been reviving the trend of celebrity meals since last September.

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The Potential of Quantum Computing

Many scientists and key researchers hypothesize that quantum computing could unlock a new level of computing capabilities. Far out pacing and outperforming their classical counterparts, able to calculate faster, as well as create simulations that current computers simply could not. This all sounds fantastic, but it does beg the question: What is quantum computing?

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