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G20 Summit Marks Another Step in India’s Steady Global Rise

The long-held ground in which the US has rooted its economic and military hegemony has begun to tremble, and the rumbles of potential military conflict may soon escalate. The People’s Republic of China has challenged the United States’ global influence and economic power during the past decade. The fumes of tension have grown between the two superpowers, and a volatile trade war has flared both superpowers’ contest for geopolitical supremacy. Within this melting pot, the lava streams of stagnation and decline oscillate within the inner arteries of both nations. Whether this volcano erupts through economic means or all-out warfare, one country in the East stands to emerge from the ashes: India.

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Ex-Cybersecurity Officer Bodes Warning in Farewell to the Department of Defense

Nicholas Chaillian, a French-born, former technology entrepreneur turned U.S. Government Executive is stepping down from his role as Chief Software Officer of the Air Force, a role he has held since May of 2018. In a bombastic resignation statement, a frustrated Chaillian claims that the U.S. has all but lost the battle to control Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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