Centers of Excellence

 Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President
I am pleased to announce progress on an integral aspect of Seton Hall’s Strategic Plan. From Strength to Strength calls for selective investment in high-performing and high-potential academic programs.  Toward this end, we are ready to announce three exemplary programs that have achieved the designation of Centers of Excellence. The application process for becoming a Center of Excellence was launched last fall and several worthy proposals were considered. After careful and thorough consideration, the following programs have been awarded this distinction: the Accounting program in the Stillman School of Business, the Finance program in the Stillman School, and the Graduate programs in the Whitehead School of Diplomacy.
Though all applicants for this distinction among the schools and colleges showed merit, the applications submitted by these three programs were especially compelling and thoroughly addressed the criteria established for this designation. These programs are now flagships for what it means to be a Center of Excellence at Seton Hall. This designation will serve as a framework for investments resulting in additional academic and instructional budgetary support commencing in the spring and continuing through the fall. In the years to come I hope and expect to encounter a two or three-fold increase in our applicant pool for this unique distinction. While many programs applied, several that would have been considered strongly for this honor did not.  Later this spring we will announce timelines for a second round of designations and it is my hope that more programs from more of our colleges will take advantage of this opportunity. 
The Centers of Excellence designation lasts for three years. At the end of this time a chosen program may re-apply and should be prepared to demonstrate the benefits and progress that resulted from the University’s designation and investment.  In the next few weeks, my office will be in contact with representatives of the designated programs to prepare for a comprehensive assessment process and to outline a plan for investment.
I would like to thank all of the programs that submitted applications as well as the faculty, deans and administrators from different areas within the University who reviewed the applications.  My expectation is that we will continue to have updates on the progress of the Strategic Plan later this semester.
Dr. Larry A. Robinson
Provost and Executive Vice President