World Bank Maps Tool Available for Research

Directly from the World Bank website, Seton Hall students and faculty can visualize and investigate data through World Bank Maps, an interactive map tool that allows users to browse World Bank projects and datasets.

This resource could aid the research process of several students and faculty at Seton Hall, especially at the School of Diplomacy.

The map tool offers several features for its users, including a project function that provides a global overview of World Bank developmental projects, with a breakdown for each country that details the amount of projects as well as total investment amounts.

Additionally, an option to check projects related to COVID-19 response efforts is available for those interested.

Besides project data, the mapping tool offers access to 1450 World Bank datasets that can be added as a map layer for data visualization purposes. The datasets cover a wide range of research topics, ranging from per capita income, education completion rates, labor market data, and several other indicators of human development.

Finally, the World Bank also offers a DataBank that students can use to search for time series data and use it to create visualizations, maps, and research reports. Directly from this tool, besides creating visualizations, users can check reports shared by other users.

SHU Data Services encourages students and faculty to check these datasets, as these tools may be a useful asset to your research needs. A user guide is available for the World Development Indicators.

For assistance with data visualization or questions on this map tool, please reach out to Data Services at


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