What is Love Data Week

Love Data Week is a global event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of data across various industries and highlight the significance of building a culture that values data. The week-long event is celebrated every year during the second week of February. The main objective of Love Data Week is to promote the responsible use and management of data

Love Data Week offers webinars, workshops, and data-themed games, focusing on topics such as data sharing, data management, data privacy, and data security. These events allow participants to learn about the latest trends and techniques in data and network with industry experts. The event is open to anyone interested in data, regardless of their background.  

Love Data Week is an essential initiative that helps promote data literacy and encourage data-driven decision-making across all sectors. With data playing an increasingly crucial role in today’s world, events like Love Data Week are more important than ever before. 

For more information about data resources at SHU, please visit: https://library.shu.edu/data-services  

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