SHU Data Services to Offer ArcGIS Licenses

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Seton Hall will now offer ArcGIS licenses for students and faculty. Through this geographic information system (GIS) tool, SHU users will be able to build maps, analyze data, and create visualizations based on their coursework or research needs. To request a license, please click on this link.

ArcGIS will be a powerful addition to the list of software tools offered at Seton Hall, as this tool is useful for various disciplines. ArcGIS allows its users to showcase and analyze any dataset that has a geographic component to it. For example, a student from the School of Health and Medical Sciences could use ArcGIS to present a visualization of the percentage of NJ adults that are smokers. Or, alternatively, a student of political science could create a map in ArcGIS to highlight counties in New York state with high levels of income inequality relative to the state average.

To create powerful visualizations and analysis, SHU users are encouraged to combined ArcGIS with StoryMaps, a web map account that combines graphs with text elements. This integration can be done directly from the ArcGIS account. To obtain information on ArcGIS training resources, please refer to this link or schedule a data consultation with SHU Data Services through this link.

On June 17th, Data Services offered a workshop on ArcGIS and StoryMaps during the Digital Humanities 2021 Summer Seminar. Those interested can obtain the recording of this workshop through this link. To stay updated on upcoming data classes this summer, please check the Data Services Class calendar.

Data Services Group

University Libraries launched its Data Services Group in Fall 2019. Librarians and a Data Support Specialist are available to provide training in data management, specific tools like Stata, SPSS, R, Power BI, Tableau, and Qualtrics for Seton Hall University students, faculty, staff, and administrators. For further information, please check the Data Services website. Part of the Data Services mission is to provide access to data sources including ICPSR.

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