SHU Libraries Continues to Contribute to ICPSR

SHU Libraries is celebrating the three-year anniversary of the launch of its partnership with ICPSR, a consortium of institutions that collaborate to provide several data sources that individuals can leverage in their research process.

To take advantage of this consortium, Seton Hall students and faculty can create an account with their Seton Hall email to access the subscription content free of charge.

Among its advantages, ICPSR contains open-source data as well as datasets that less accessible without memberships or access privileges. The consortium covers a wide range of fields of study, such as business, health sciences, political science, nursing, communications, social work, psychology, economics, and much more. This large range of covered topics make ICPSR a valuable resource for various research projects conducted at Seton Hall and beyond.

In the ICPSR website, Seton Hall users can search for data based on topic, geography, studies, or even by different types of datasets. Additionally, there is an option to search for specific variables and compare these variables with other types of variables.

SHU Data Services strongly recommends the use of ICPSR for all students and faculty that may be experiencing difficulties in obtaining specific data sets or may be looking for additional resources to complement their existing research or literature review. ICPSR also offers cleaner versions of open-source data that can facilitate the research process.

For those interested in learning more about ICPSR or with questions about finding, collecting, or managing data, please reach out to the Data Services team at


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