Pirates Pitch 2019

Seton Hall University pitch competition with $16,000 in prizes!


Welcome to Pirates Pitch 2019!

Pirates Pitch 2019 is the 9th annual Seton Hall University Business Startup Competition, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The competition, which awards $16,000 in prizes, is open to ALL students at SHU. The contest kicks off in January, 2019 and finishes with the Finals round on Wednesday April 3 from 6:00pm-8:00pm in Jubilee  Hall Auditorium. All students, faculty, parents, alumni, and the public are invited to watch SHU’s version of Shark Tank and vote for their favorite team.

Four Finalist student teams (comprised of one to six students) will pitch their business ideas or ask for funding for their operating startup to a panel of judges as they compete for $16,000 in front of a live audience.

In a new format, Pirates Pitch ‘s judges will each award $4,000 to the teams to help them develop their businesses. The judges will award varying amounts to each team depending on how well they impresses an individual judge.

We are here to help! The Center can provide you with feedback on any business ideas, or help you to launch a start-up. For an appointment, contact Center Director Susan Scherreik at scherrsu@shu.edu

Get started immediately! Click on the overview page and rules and guidelines page for more information. 

Important Dates and Events

Wed. April 3 Pirates Pitch Finals 6 p.m to 8 p.m. Jubilee Hall Auditorium All invited!

Congrats to the Four Finalists Teams for 2019

Listed alphabetically by startup name:

1. Care Call: Team: Allison Lamoureux, Katie Mazzarelli and Annemarie Ryan; All freshmen with a concentration in nursing. Care Call is an innovative product in development designed to replace the old-fashioned hospital care bell patients use to signal the need for assistance. Care Call allows patients to signal exactly what type of help is needed and more quickly routs that message to the correct hospital staff, cutting down on waiting time.

2. Flock: Team: Peyton Elder, Senior, with concentration in Environmental Studies; and Olivia Finan, Senior, with concentration in marketing. Flock is an app in development that will allow consumers to instantly compare the prices and delivery times offered by a variety of food delivery services including Grubhub, Door Dash and Uber Eats.

3. Sincere Sitter: Team: Alissa Lopez 2nd year M.B.A. student with concentration in marketing. Sincere Sitter, a startup in development, is a website aimed at connecting caregivers and parents through personal networks and offers exclusive training/ reviews for both to ensure positive child care experiences.

4. Sprouts Analytics: Team: Steven Catudal, Junior, with concentrations in Finance and Information Management Technology; Elizabeth Win, Junior, with concentrations in Marketing and Information Management Technology; and Nathaniel Boatswain, Senior, with concentrations in Financial Mathematics and Information Management Technology. Sprouts Investments in a startup in development that aims to be the Bloomberg of the emerging cyptocurrenices market. Through a website and mobile app, Sprouts Investments will provide information, forums and data analytics to enable investors to monitor the latest developments.


  • John Auriemma, ’81, founder and CEO American Wear

  • Michael Lucciola ’83, CEO, Firefly Group and SHU Regent

  • Taseen Peterson, ’14, founder, Gamefuly

  • Pravina Raghavan, M.B.A. ’01, Executive Vice President, Division of Small Business and Community Economic Development Empire State Development