Tribulations of the Patriarch Joseph and Jesus in Greek and Latin Piety


“Joseph’s Coat Brought to Jacob” by Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (c. 1640)

The dramatic account of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis 37-50 has been the subject of many commentaries and reflections, by both Jews and Christians. How have the questions of crime and forgiveness been treated as a major theme by Christians?  From early texts the pious effort to interpret the biblical message into a coherent whole led to a link between Joseph and Jesus. How has this been developed in the first millennium of Christianity?

I examine some of these parallels in my paper, “Tribulations of the Patriarch Joseph and Jesus in Greek and Latin Piety,” which I presented at the Medieval Studies Congress (Kalamazoo, Michigan) in May 2005. Today I published the paper in PDF format on my SelectedWorks publications site. You can read the paper for free by clicking here.

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