Thais Co-founder of Women’s Environment and Development Organization.
As a leader of the Women’s Global Movement, she led the process of women’s participation at the UN Earth Summit in 1992. She founded WEDO (Women, Environment and Development Organization), which played a major role at UN Global Conferences throughout the 1990s. Since 1992, Thais has been implementing global and local initiatives geared to increase sustainability and gender awareness.For her leadership of the Global Women’s Movement, she has received the “100 Heroines Award.” In Brazil, she was recognized with the Abril Mulher award, “The Woman of the Year,” in 2001 by Brazilian National Council of Women, and the Rio Mulher Award by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. In 2005, she was awarded with the prestigious Tech Award, a Silicon Valley recognition for projects that promote an innovative use of technology that benefits humanity.

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