PB picDr. Paul Jacob Bhatti is the Former Federal Minister in charge of the Ministry of National Harmony and Minorities Affairs in Pakistan. Dr. Bhatti dedicated ten years of his professional life to the people Pakistan as a missionary doctor and surgeon working under the auspices of a charitable institution. He worked closely with his late brother, Shahbaz Bhatti, to uplift the marginalized and oppressed sectors of the community by promoting religious freedom, human equality, and social justice. In 2003 Dr. Bhatti fled to Italy following death threats and a brutal attack against him and his family, where he soon became well-established, being sought out as a surgeon due to his wealth of his experience and expertise. His primary objective is to promote a peaceful co-existence among people of diverse faiths where basic human rights are granted, and believes that political , social and economic stability in his own country will lead to achieve this objective.

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