Untitled1 Dina El Sayed is a current student in MA Diplomacy and International Relation in Seton Hall University. Dina recently joined the research assistant team. Dina El Sayed has received here BA in political Science and international affairs from the Lebanese American University. During her undergraduate studies she studied in Paris for a year in SciencesPo.

During undergraduate studies Dina interned with UNESCO Beirut Office preparing a report on Youth Policy in the MENA region. It allowed me to learn the techniques, methods and research used to conduct successful ethnographic studies. She was leader of a research team responsible for collecting and tabulate research data and preparing & editing final manuscripts. Her second research internship was with UMAM Research and Documentation Center in Beirut. She was performing the research assistant duties studying cases about Lebanese Military Tribunal that required heavy research in governmental documentations. Through her research experience she has learned the importance of careful and accurate research and concise communication of knowledge and information.

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Email: Dina.sayed88@gmail.com

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