December 2013

One of the things we do well at Seton Hall is celebrate Christmas. Our President, Dr. Gabriel Esteban, has brought his deep devotion to this sacred holiday to our community in a special way. The academic calendar being as it is, much of the holiday spirit occurred in years past after our students had gone home. We’ve changed that now to create an early celebration that all of us have come to love: Christmas at the Hall. The big pine in front of President’s Hall is festooned with 43,000+ lights. Who cares about Rockefeller Center when Seton Hall has our blue hat festival with carols, treats and  the tree-lighting?

This year is even more special as members of our community have pledged to perform “12 Acts of Kindness” during the holiday season. This was the brainchild of nursing student Hillary Sadlon who performed 22 Acts of Kindness over the summer to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Then she decided to keep up the good work during the Christmas season. So we at Seton Hall are following the example of one of our own. Maybe it will translate into a kinder, gentler student who comes home to you at Christmastime.

Here’s wishing a happy, healthy and holy Christmas Season to all!

Go Pirates!

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