October/November 2013

Now that we are at mid-term, your students should have an established a studying routine. Some students like to head to a study carrel in the library. Others find a niche on campus – the Study Lounge on the first floor of Mooney Hall is popular as is the fifth floor of Jubilee Hall. Some students head to the bustle of the Pirate Cove while others like the solitude of Pirate Cellar in Boland Hall. Whatever the preference, students should establish regular times for study, reading and review. Commuters can use the time between classes to get their studying done (although back in the day when I was a commuter, I tended to waste that time playing Pinochle. Do as I say, not as I do!). Residents often use that time for napping or relaxation, but the hours between classes are really the best times to hone up on course work. Students are awake and refreshed during the day, the best time to soak in information.

Talk to your students and see what their established study patterns are. If they don’t have a pattern, encourage them to get one. Our Academic Resource Center (on the second floor of A&S Hall) is sponsoring a series of workshops this fall to help students study better and study smarter. It can only help!

By Tracy Gottlieb, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Services

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