Academy for Health Communication Innovation “Expression of Interest” Event

Wednesday, February 28th, Arts & Sciences Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (South Orange Campus)

We invite you to engage in a scholarly opportunity for cross-collaboration within the diverse and expanding areas of health, wellness, and medicine. Health communication is instrumental for not only a functional and engaged healthcare system, but also for the entire myriad of health sector organizations. This will be an innovative space where research, pedagogy, and media production related to health and healthcare will be produced, ranging from research into healthcare PSA, provider/patient communication, the role of media in health knowledge, and more. In our first academy “expression of interest” event, we will discuss:

  • The goals of the Academy for Health Communication Innovation
  • The potential contributions for Seton Hall’s faculty and students (including publication opportunities!)
  • Collaboration possibilities, such as joint cross-disciplinary research and teaching
  • The upcoming faculty seminar seminar series devoted to Health Communication Innovation

Come join us for coffee, tea, and cookies and be prepared to chat with like-minded geeks of health communication and innovation!

Contact Info: Madison Krall,, 973-275-3515


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