Handling Hot Topics in the Classroom

Monday, Jan. 22

2:00pm – 3:00pm

in Teams

Each day seems to introduce a charged topic or issue that can potentially work its way into the classroom environment. Such conversations can beĀ  challenging whether the faculty member introduces the topic as part of the class material, or whether the topic arises more unexpectedly. How can faculty handle difficult and sensitive topics when they arise? What kinds of strategies can be used to create a safe space for such discussions and to ensure that open and respectful dialogue can take place? What techniques can be used to maintain civility in the classroom?


Zubin DeVitre, Asst. Professor of Counseling Psychology

Rachel Fikslin, Asst. Professor of Psychology

Dan Katz, Asst. Professor of Education

Widian Nicola, Assoc. Professor of Social Work


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