Faculty Values and Higher Ed Controversies

Oct. 21, 10:00am- 11:30am

Jubilee Hall, Room 132

Higher education has seen better days. As student debt approaches two trillion dollars, universities in the United States face greater scrutiny than ever before. Coupled with an ever-uncertain economic landscape, the national conversation over “worthless degrees” has reached a fever pitch. Criticisms cut across the political spectrum, from the baneful impact of market pressures to claims of left wing indoctrination.


In a wide-ranging discussion, Drs. Mark Horowitz (Sociology) and Anthony L. Haynor (Sociology) will present the results of their survey of faculty at 40 public universities in the U.S. on some of the most sensitive controversies in higher education. Participants will be invited to reflect on the findings and share their own views on such matters as corporatization, cancel culture, grade inflation, declining standards, systemic racism, equity, and more.

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