A Faculty Retirement Group Event: Collectors’ Bliss

Friday, Nov. 20, 11am – 12:30pm

Join in Zoom

Many, perhaps even most, of us are collectors. Some may have several collections, often ranging from the ridiculous (frivolous) to the sublime (serious); others may focus on one major type of collection object. For our meeting on November 20th, we invite you to share some musings about one of your collections. How and why it started and what meaning it has to you. Depending on how many “collectors” volunteer, each can have about 4-5 minutes to talk. That will give us some time for questions and discussion. Please send an e-mail to Petra Chu and Judith Stark (petra.chu@shu.edu and (judith.stark@shu.edu) by November 2 to express your interest in talking about the items in one of your collections. To receive more information about the Faculty Retirement Group, email Chrys Grieco (chrysanthy.grieco@shu.edu).


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