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In August 1995, the Academic Council of the Board of Regents endorsed the establishment of a Seton Hall University Teaching Fellows Program. The prototype for the program had been started a generation prior, in 1974, with funding from the Lilly Endowment. The Seton Hall program ran from 1996 through 2003. We are pleased to announce that the Center for Faculty Development has reinstituted the program, beginning with the spring 2017 semester. Its purpose is threefold: to promote excellence in teaching and learning among faculty with research promise at the rank of Assistant Professor; to provide support for faculty in the tenure and/or promotion process; and to cultivate faculty to assume leadership positions within the university community. Dr. Charles Carter, Director of the University Teaching Fellows, will facilitate the four fellows chosen for the spring and summer 2017 University Teaching Fellows; they are: Dr. Terrence Teo, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Dr. Lori Wilt, Assistant Professor of Undergraduate Nursing; Dr. Eric Johnston, Assistant Professor of Undergraduate Theology; and Dr. Laura Wangerin, Assistant Professor of History.

The program is designed to cultivate a lifelong concern for and commitment to teaching and student learning. The Fellows will ultimately become a “critical mass” of scholars who will influence the University at-large to promote excellence in teaching and learning, and who will act as innovators to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and student learning at the University over time. In the program, Fellows will learn about national issues in higher education and will connect those issues both to their own work in teaching and learning and to the mission of Seton Hall University.

In addition to bi-weekly seminars during which they will engage in discussions of assigned readings, the Fellows will complete individual curricular or pedagogical projects, focusing on the application of strategies that contribute to student learning. The Fellows will also collaborate on a larger project that benefits the university community. They will present the results of their work to the University community in the fall semester following their award year.

Applications for the 2017-18 University Teaching Fellow Program will be due in mid-August, the date to be announced at the end of the spring 2017 semester.

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