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Badges In Action

There’s more to our badges technology than Pirate Adventure. We’ve rolled it out and adapted it to several other uses as well.

The Stillman School uses a version to manage the Stillman Passport. Events are created as badge-like events, and participants are credited when they attend.

The new SAIL program is also using a version. Among the refinements are the ability to use a swipe-card reader to credit attendees.

Plus, several other institutions have borrowed our code and successfully adapted it for use in their own programs.

If your department or organization needs a way to manage and track complex events or assignments, get in touch with TLTC and maybe we can make this work for you as well!


One of the features we’re working on is a leaderboard. We hope to show some combination of points and number of badges won; by categories; and by time periods such as “top winners yesterday” and “top scorers last week.”

What would be meaningful to you?

To participate, be sure to go into the ‘Settings’ tab of your Account page to allow others to see your score. Also, to show your badges you have to both check off the “show badges I select” option on the ‘Settings’ tab, and then click individual ‘Show’ buttons next to each badge you want to display. (You can always click ‘Hide’ later on to not show them.)

Power Up!

We’ve just set up a feature to build tier 2 badges. Set one up the same way you set up a standard badge, but with a few differences.

There’s nothing to click, no QR codes to snap. Just use the drag-and-drop interface to pull in the badges that the recipient must have earned to get it. The rest will happen automatically.

Drag must-have badges into the top block. Then drag options into the bottom. Options? For example, say you have six weekend events and you want the recipient to have attended at least three of them. Drag the badges for the six events into the bottom block, then enter “3” into the “And/or any __ of these” box.

These composite badges can be edited or copied, just like regular badges. Just go to the Administer Awards screen and click “Edit.”