It’s Time To Hunt For Doubloons!

As part of the Pirate Adventure for the incoming freshman class, there are 31 doubloons scattered around on SHU’s website waiting to be clicked. Find a doubloon, click on it and earn the point in your badges account. Find enough and you’ll earn these step-up badges (our technical term for them here at the TLTC).

The Pieces of Eight badge can be earned by collecting any eight. The Treasure Seeker badge is the next stop at twenty. Only the best of you will earn the Doubloon Hunter badge when you’ve collected all 31 out there waiting for you.

The satisfaction of finding all 31 doubloons, plus badges — all for just searching the website and learning about important SHU services? Heck, we’ll even give you hints to get started. Who comes up with things like this? We do, and that’s why you’ve made the right decision in coming to Seton Hall. Let the Hunt begin!

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Social Issues

just_talk_badgeRegular attendees of the “Let’s Talk” series on Human Trafficking are eligible to receive this badge. Attend and sign in at any four of the eight events and you’ll be granted this automatically.

Lead Through Diversity

Earn a badge by attending this one-day training through the NCBI chapter at Seton Hall. The workshop is designed to expand your skills on diversity and learn new ones; meet and interact with others regarding issues of difference in a supportive setting; learn how to be an ally; and learn how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks and slurs.

The workshop is open to the entire Seton Hall community (all students, faculty, and staff), but in particular freshmen students and leaders on student organizations with the stated purpose of diversity are targeted for this program.

The last session is December 7, so get started signing up now!


The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a national program designed to provide trained volunteers that can serve as first responders during a disaster when traditional emergency response (police, fire, EMS) is delayed. CERT personnel can also assist the traditional responders. CERT skills are also useful for family disaster preparedness. SHU has a body of CERT volunteers consisting of staff, students, and faculty.

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Be A Hall Council Leader

Start polishing your leadership skills right now. Attend a Hall Council meeting, plus an introductory session, and then actually run for a seat. When you do you’ll bring this badge along the way to a position of responsibility in your Hall.

Program Perfection!

Attend at least one program event in each of the “Create,” “Reflect,” “Connect,” “Serve” and “Thrive” literacy categories. But you were going to do that anyway, right?

When you do, be sure they take your name at the door, or scan the QR card they’ll have. Once you’ve snapped all five you’ll automatically be granted this one.

Bring A Friend…

…Win A Badge!

The “BYO Friend” badge is awarded to freshmen who come to a housing program event and bring a friend. The recipient attended and registered at an event during the first 40 days of classes to qualify.

Make sure you check in at the door, and by all means introduce us to your friend!