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When you want to create a badge for a program or event that your department is offering, just fill in the following information:

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Difficulty*: All badges are intended to be signs of accomplishment, and the value of badges for students is determined by the effort that they signify. However, some things are easier to accomplish than others. For example, it is generally easier to passively attend an event like a lecture or a concert, than it is to participate in a day of community service. And it takes still more effort to participate in a day of service and then write a reflective essay about the experience. Badges are ranked on an ascending scale of effort from 1 to 5. A badge that only requires a student to show up for an event would usually rate a 1. Something that requires more effort or initiative would rate somewhere in the range of 2 - 4. A 5 should be given for those badges that require real motivation, and result in some significant gain for the student – such as a significant life skill or a major milestone on the way toward life success.

This is a step-up badge

If so, please describe the preliminary steps in detail, including any badges that have already been created. The system accommodates mixtures of required and optional events, so for example you could specify that to earn the "Basketball Fan" badge the student MUST attend the home opener AND ANY 3 other home games.

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Please note: This badges program is exclusively for the use of members of the Seton Hall Community. If you need a one-off badge for your organization, try Credly ( If your institution is interested in pursuing a larger-scale program, under certain circumstances we’re willing to help out with advice.