Leadership Takes On Super Bowl Week in New York City

The Leadership Development Honors program was highly active with their involvement in Super Bowl Week in Manhattan. Super Bowl Week brought Virtual Theaters, Concerts, and countless more special events right to our Greater New York City area.

In an update from Dean Strawser, Geoffrey Thomulka and Luciano Cundari represented Leadership and Seton Hall University among the crowds on ESPN. We are also proud to report that Leadership students Sophia Joseph, Alison Giosa, and Briana Glass played a vital role in Super Bowl Week by working the Super Bowl Social Media Communications Center. Pictures of these happenings were made available from Dean Joyce Strawser and her Stillman Newsletter that can be clicked on and viewed below.

Super Bowl Boulevard was a huge success for the states of New York and New Jersey and the Stillman Community is proud to have representatives throughout the events, spreading the message of Leadership. Catch the game tonight at 6:30 pm to see the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium!


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