It’s Time for Us to Begin Drilling for Ice…on the Moon?

NASA has determined the landing site for its new lunar explorer to search for ice below the moon’s surface. A robotic lander, called the Nova-C lander, will be sent to the moon’s south pole in an area near the Shackleton crater. The lunar explorer is being sent to the moon ahead of the Artemis Program, NASA’s scheduled manned mission to the moon, to search for a source of water that could sustain the astronauts.

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Virgin Galactic Unveils the VSS Imagine

The VSS Imagine is the first addition to the company’s Spaceship III fleet, which will also feature an upgraded modular design that makes the spacecraft easier to maintain, as well as improve flight rate. Virgin Galactic has also stated in a statement that introduction of the Spaceship III fleet is an important milestone in its plan to fly 400 trips to suborbital space each year.

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