International Soccer Gets Ready to Embark On One of Its Most Anticipated World Cups

Two hundred thirty-five days separate us from the biggest sports tournament in the world, where legends are made; FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Naturally, a mix of feelings comes with this, for many, sadness because their national teams did not make the World Cup; for others, excitement because they did make it, and for most of us, relief that this international break did not have as many injuries as it usually has.

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Barcelona Attempts to Return to Past Glory

After a disastrous, monstrous, horrific presidency by Josep Maria Bartomeu, elections were called. A known past glory took over the club again, Joan Laporta. Laporta knew the financial situation was bad, but what he found was a surprise, it was worse than anyone could have imagined. The club was in the worst financial situation in its history. He had a club with overpaid players, an unsuccessful coach, and a broken locker room. Laporta had an idea: bring the club back to the good old days.

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Fashion Collaborations This Season

Fashion brands everywhere have an exceptional hold on everyone when new collections are released each season, but there is something more powerful when collaboration is in place. So make sure these collaborations for the end of the year are not missed out on.

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