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Student Spotlight: Payton Costenbader

It’s not often that I would look towards a freshman as someone who embodies a shining and involved student at Seton Hall, but Payton Costenbader is a special case. The type of involvement that Payton has on campus is comparable to peers that are years older than her. Payton is involved as a frequent writer in the Stillman Exchange, a member of the Accounting Club, member of Women in Business, and a certified peer educator for Dare to Care.

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Generative AI and Higher Education – The Impact that AI could have at Seton Hall

On November 2nd, there was an Impact Talk hosted in Bethany Hall titled “Generative AI and Higher Education. The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Jason Gulya, who is a professor at Berkeley College and the chair of the Artificial Intelligence council. There was also a panel of Seton Hall faculty and students to discuss the topic of AI as well, and express their beliefs on how they believe AI should or should not be implemented on campus.

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