Microsoft’s Deal to Acquire Activision Blizzard to Be Reviewed by FTC

Major technology and gaming company Microsoft, known for manufacturing the Xbox gaming console, caught the attention of many in the gaming industry when they announced that they would be acquiring Activision Blizzard for a whopping total of nearly 69 billion dollars, making the buyout the largest in the history of the games industry.

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Move over Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Mesh Is Here

Microsoft is in the midst of creating a software that attempts to create a holographic experience platform, something that will be used in place of Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Mesh is a platform that will be able to collaborate with several apps to create a multitude of experiences.

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Microsoft Revolutionizes Work Culture by Allowing Employees to Work from Home Post Pandemic

Coronavirus strikes again in altering the way the world functions. Microsoft Corporation has recently made an industry-changing announcement that the company will allow workers to continue working from home even after the pandemic if they choose to do so. Following a “hybrid model,” the major tech firm plans to implement the option for employees to return to the office or work from home in response to the change in the environment that the COVID-19 virus has caused.

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