What’s Going on With California’s Net Neutrality?

In 2015, the first order to follow Net Neutrality regulations was passed in California by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In 2017, the FCC repealed this regulation, reestablishing zero-rating, and allowing data sponsorship programs. The court ruled that the Net Neutrality Act was an “overreach of authority”. Since then, the order has been reinstated and has subsequently become a state law, which was passed in 2018.

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Nielsen Releases New Diversity Tracking Tool

Nielsen, the leading television analytics and marketing firm has been well known for providing producers and advertisers with viewer demographic information for decades. Recently, the company announced that it had teamed up with Gracenote Inclusion Analytics for the launch of a new tool that will allow it to monitor content for diversity.

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Data Sharing: A Matter of National Security

The second that you enter your information online, you relinquish your rights to privacy. Every online platform has the means to collect, store, and sell the data and information collected from you. By engaging with these platforms, we are subject to market research, data analysis, and the use of our personal information for advertisement and sales purposes. Essentially, privacy in terms of the internet is an oxymoron.

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